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The Benefits of Bugleweed Tea

Bugleweed, also known as lycopus, gypsywort, or horehound, is an herbaceous plant that is native to Europe, northwest Asia, and North America. This flowering species is often found growing wild in wetlands, lush meadows, and along the banks of streams and rivers. Bugleweed has had a long history of use dating back to the medieval era where it was used by apothecaries for many remedial purposes due to the astringent and sedative qualities that could be found in the leaves, stems, and flowers. Today the aerial parts of the plant are still utilized for making herbal teas.

Relaxation & Sleep Aid

Bugleweed tea acts on the body with relaxing sedative properties, which is why many herbalists will recommend it as a sleep aid for those who have difficulties getting a proper amount of rest at night. Additionally, the calming effects of bugleweed tea may also be great for helping those who suffer from stress, tension, and anxiety. If you are looking to use bugleweed tea as a sleep aid, it is recommended to drink a warm cup of this tisane approximately 30 minutes before bed in order to help promote a better night of rest.

Bugleweed In The Grass

Benefits for Women

Bugleweed tea has been known to help moderate estrogen levels and reduce the production of the hormone known as prolactin, which can in turn help reduce breast pain in women. This can be useful in helping to ease some of the pains that are brought on by some of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Women who are pregnant, prescribed to medications, or nursing should avoid using bugleweed tea or any other herbal supplements unless they have first consulted with a health practitioner in order to avoid any unwanted interactions.

Supports the Thyroid

Another excellent benefit that bugleweed tea can offer, is that it may help to relax an overactive thyroid. This is because bugleweed tea contains certain compounds which have been believed to hold the ability to reduce specific hormones in the body such as the thyroid hormone thyroxine which is often overproduced in the body by t hose who suffer from hyperthyroidism. As always, it’s recommended to seek professional medical treatment if you feel you are suffering from a serious condition. Always consult with your doctor prior to drinking herbal teas if you are currently prescribed to any medications.