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Are Your Tea Bags Safe? The Risk of Bleached Tea Bags

As tea grows increasingly popular, many are finding themselves faced with a great number of different choices when it comes to teas. Benefits, flavors, and quality are all necessary things to consider when you are looking to choose your perfect tea. However, one thing that is often overlooked is the quality of the tea bag used when you choose your tea. Believe it or not, choosing the wrong type of tea bag can be far more detrimental to your health than you may have realized.

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History of Tea Bags

In order to better understand the effects behind the tea bags used, it may be best to start at the very beginning. It may surprise you to know that the idea of the tea bag was brought to life by a rather fortunate accident. This occurred one day in the 1900s, when a tea vendor began sewing together small silk pouches to put samples of his tea in. These sample tea pouches were then sent out to prospective clientele for them to see if they would like the teas he had to offer. Soon after, he began to receive complaints of the silk material not being permeable enough which made him realize that instead of taking the tea out of the pouches, his clients were instead placing the entire pouch into boiling water, much the same way they had done with tea infusers. Working quickly to remedy this, he experimented with a more permeable fabric and thus, the invention of the tea bag was born.

As time progressed, the invention of the tea bag changed, so that instead of being made of fabric, many were made of paper instead. In order to appeal to the public, many tea companies began to bleach their tea bags with chlorine in order to give them a better aesthetic appearance among tea customers.

Using Bleach Free Tea Bags

Even today, many companies continue to bleach their tea bags with chlorine, and many tea drinkers are unaware of the dangers that this can entail. Bleached tea bags leave harmful chemical residues like dioxin, which is a carcinogenic substance that can linger in the body for as long as seven years. Dioxin that accumulates in the body can cause unwanted health concerns over time. Luckily, there are a few tea companies that take care to only use bleach free tea bags, in order to better protect the health and well being of their customers. When you’re looking to purchase tea, it is important that you keep an eye out for teas that have been made using bleach free tea bags, so that you can better enjoy a healthy drink without the added risk of introducing dangerous chemicals to your body.