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Bugleweed Tea for Stress & Anxiety

There are quite a few different herbal supplements and teas available to those who are looking for ways to ease feelings of stress and anxiety. Natural supplements are often preferred to over the counter medications since they often come without unwanted side effects. Among the many supplements available, bugleweed tea is an excellent choice due to the natural calming, sedative properties that it provides to the drinker. Bugleweed is an herbaceous plant that is related to the mint family and is often used to make an excellent brew of tea that can be used as a natural way to combat feelings of stress or tension.

Up Close Bugleweed

Negative Effects of Stress

A surprising number of illnesses and cases of poor health can be rooted back high levels of stress and anxiety. In fact, it has been noted that 75% to 90% of all doctors visits are a result of stress related ailments and symptoms. Prolonged feelings of stress and anxiety can cause numerous negative effects on the body such as a weakened immune system, poor memory and concentration, elevated blood pressure levels, chest pains, and trouble sleeping. Constant stress can be detrimental to every part of your body. This is why it is incredibly important to seek out methods to relax and ease your body during times of stress. Different methods and approaches to stress and anxiety will work better for certain individuals than it will for others. It may be good to try various approaches to stress-relief to discover what may work best for you.

Drinking Bugleweed Tea

For some, drinking herbal teas and supplements can be a very easy and convenient way to combat feelings of stress. The act of drinking a warm cup of tea can be soothing in itself, however there are certain herbal teas such as bugleweed which contain compounds that can specifically help reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body. Studies have shown that bugleweed tea may also have the potential to reduce elevated blood pressure levels as well, which can often be an ailment that results from higher levels of stress. The sedative properties of bugleweed tea can also be useful for relaxation and inducing sleep in individuals who are having a difficult time getting a good night of rest due to elevated stress.